Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 49: What doesn't kill you.

Man I can get wound up pretty easy by some things. Over all I would say I am one of the most laid back people of all time. Heck I can watch a VHS rip of something downloaded from the internet, and not get really annoyed about the aspect ratio either.

But somethings really push my buttons. Unnecessary wankerism is one of them. Sometime it makes me so mad I can literally feel the years melting off of my life expectancy from the stress. Especially as the case in question today is wankerism of the worst kind. Sadly the details end there.

On a much lighter note, we haven't had anything wicked awesome for a little while, so here is something wicked awesome:

P.S. Yes I am brutally aware that I am madly behind with the Phase 2 mix, and therefore the Feb mini mix too, this weekend looks to be fairly chokka too so god knows how it's gonna pan out.





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