Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 111: How to promote yourself on Myspace.

This is something I have been thinking about recently, and I was prompted to blog about it after seeing a post on Tom Cosm's excellent site.

I often wondered how effective is it really. I mean, I certainly know that what I do in the main is accept the 'friend' requests that seem to come in daily, and forget about it.

I update my tunes on there now and again when I have something worth upping. I do also check out the spaces of other artists after reading about them in a blog, or likewise. However I can't help feel that it's just one big circle jerk of self promoting. People spamming your page with links to their shit, and vice versa.

I would love to know the real percentage of people that see a flyer 15 posts down an artists wall and think 'Yeah I'm in Baltimore next week, I might check that out'.

Also how many people are randomly checking out Bang the DJ and thinking... this guy is cool... probably none. BUT at the same time, I like the weirdness of it, and keeping track of the artists that I do like (facebook has never done well in this area).

Also I am torn with the spazzy layouts. On one hand they are a nightmare to navigate, and my PCs fan audibly spins up when I open myspace. Yet at the same time it's become part of its punky charm, flashing fluro gifs and random internet shit.

So yeah... what IS myspace these days, it just seems like one big fat hairy contradiction. Useful, but useless, annoying, but 'edgy and fun'.





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