Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 114: Intelligent Bangers

I love my bangers, that's no secret, I really do. I kinda partly wish I liked clever music, and part of me does. Just not the part of me that buys/dances to/plays music. I like loads of meaningful music, stuff that is quite intellectual, songs that can really generate a solid emotion... but one thing that's always eluded me is minimal.

The problem is, when I hear the word 'Minimal' my brain translates that as 'dull'. Some really soft beats, a few pops and clicks... nothing to hold on to. Give me a pounding 4/4 and a warbling B-line any day.

All this said, one thing I do see happening to my tastes is the gradual migration to the 'Intelligent Banger'. In fact remember that name, you heard it here first. Intelligent Bangers are those tunes that effortlessly fill a club, build the crowd up gently, yet measurably, and almost seem to drop without slapping you in the face, yet catch your feet.

These tunes are the ones that don't sound like obvious bangers on a home system, or even cranked up on good headphones... however on a club rig the groove seems to appear like a phoenix from the ashes, almost like getting a magic eye picture for the first time!

These are catching my interest more and more, and I think it might be due to Festival Season creeping upon us. These big building crowd pleasers are both fulfilling and booming, perfect for a large pining festival crowd.

Guess we need an example, here's one I bought earlier. No download on this one... go buy it on the 'port or djdownload if you likes it.

Sidney Samson - Riverside:




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