Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 98: Mad Decent of you...

The genre shunning party heads at Mad Decent have given away a whole album for free on their blog today. This is why these guys rule. Not only do they have a 'yeah that sounds cool' approach to music without thinking about what's hot, or what will make money, they also back up that rep nicely with excellent freebies like this.

The album is by Toy Selectah, and even though I've not listened to much of it yet, what I like about it is (and about Mad Decent in general) is how it reminds me that there is so much good music out there in all sorts of flavours. It's not all about 4/4 Grizzly bassline bangers (though who DOESN'T love a 4/4 grizzly bassline banger let's be honest.).

From what I've heard already though it's got 'Summer BBQ' written all over it.

So yeah, here you go... and enjoy:




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