Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 94: Back to the Bang

Bang the DJ... remember him? There was a time when this blog was just about him, before it started taking itself all seriously, and having actual 'content'.

Right, so a little update. The CDs are back from the printers, and, I have to say... they are looking pretty smart. I managed to get em done on blanks, which means I can whack what I like on em as and when I need to.

Already copied a few up, and given out a couple to peeps that know some people in local clubs. I'll get on the mail out serious this week, probably over the Easter weekend.

In other news I have something else possibly coming up on the cards too. One of the original plans has always been to put a night on, and this could be becoming a reality, though I will wait until I know more about that for sure.

The more I do on the self promotion side, the more I realise there is to do, seemingly never ending.

One thing I decided might be cool/useful is to make videos to accompany the tracks I am working on. Sticking these up on youtube may serve to bring more people in to the blog, or check the mixes, you never know. Over all just completes a more rounded on-line exposure.

So without further a do... here we are, the first ever Bang the DJ music video:




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