Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day ONE HUNDRED: Anniversary Special.

Hey, so here we are, 100 days in. Wow, seems like yesterday I took those first tentative blogging steps. 100 shekels of wisdom hath been gifted to you in these very pages, and today's post is a round up of some of the progress points.

Basically a bit like all those "Top 100 ... ever" shows on Channel 4, I am basically dumping all the download goodies here in one uber post for you all.

To start of let's have the mixes:

January - Phase One

Jan Minimix (Nu Disco)

Febuary - Phase Two

Feb Minimix (DnB)

March - Phase Three

Mar Minimix (Breaks)

Then there are the tracks, in order of making them to show the (I have to say ) clear development, from awful to ok.

Break Bomb (Abandoned)

Let me Show You (Bang the DJ Remix)

Cut Loose

AC Slater - Hello (Bang the DJ Remix)

And last but not least... the Epic music video I made for Cut Loose:

There are canapes at my gaff and sausages on sticks to mark the occasion. It's number 3 and 2 Bang Street, Spains.

Bring a bottle...




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