Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 61: 2,4,6,8

After yesterdays epic post, I knew a few things would slip through the net. That's fine though as the over hang is good for me to write about today.

One thing I wanted to elaborate on was the DnB minimix. I briefly touched on this when I posted it. I wanted to comment on how much I truly enjoyed mixing drum and bass. Initially it seemed quite hard, after all, at that speed, any error is going to go catastrophic, very quickly.

Once you adjust to the intensity of it though, it's actually amazing fun, and quite easy to work with. Unlike other genres DnB seems to be very well punctuated with phrases (8 bars of 4 beats). This makes for some great sounding mixes if you make sure your phrases are on, because as bits drop in on one tune they drop out of the other, meaning you can keep some furious pace going, while layering the intensity. It really is great.

Can you spot the metaphor?

While this is also true for most dance music I think DnB's furious, yet stripped down style (ie largely being only Drums and a Bassline, I know, can you believe it) means less of the mid-range melodies getting in the way of each other.

It's definitely a genre I might well keep a hand in, especially as it's probably one of the genres I have been in to for the longest amount of time (the rest keep dying off, g'ah).




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