Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 62: Don't talk to me like that


Time for action. A lot of the basic prep is finally done, tho still oodles and oodles more to do. However I think it's time to leave the warm comfort of the internet, and brave the big bad world.

I'm putting the initial feelers out about putting on a club night. This is something I've done once or twice before, but never too seriously. However here in Spain, not so sure how it works. I've heard various different reports, and it seems a bit different to how I am used to (in terms of organisation, financials etc).

I have composed my master email, and will fire that out to some select, local venues and see what I get back. Barcelona is full of decent Electro/Rave nights, Valencia has none... this is either a great opportunity, or a lost cause. The fun part will be finding out!




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