Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 60: Champion Remix Part 1

This is the first part looking at the work in progress of the Champion Sound remix I am experimenting with.

Rather than make it all wordy, and heavyweight, I'll summarise as briefly as I can, and then add the audio, which will speak for itself.

First off, I decided that I wanted to try and keep the essence of the tune, but rather than re-form it in it's original genre (90s Drum & Bass), I wanted to transfer it over to a more modern, playable style (4x4 Tech/House).

Next I decided I would nab sections of the original audio that signature the song if you like, without lifting whole phrases.

Once I had picked out a few of these, I dropped some of the lead sounds in to Ableton's excellent "Impulse" same for some of the bass sounds.

Next I added a simple 4/4 beat and snare which keeps it in a more house style, but the snare gives more than a passing nod to it's breakbeat origins.

Ok, next was to chuck the lead sounds in to some form of arrangement, so I created a simple 2 bar stab loop with the sounds I took from the original.

Playing all the parts together, and it starts to sound more like a song. Tho only one phrase of a song.

To make it a little bit more interesting, I chuck in some Chorus and compression, I also make a duplicate of the lead section.

This is where I had some fun, with the copy of the lead, I chucked it through a rather excellent Glitch synth I have, and played around with that for a while to get some crunchy effects going on.

Then to make it more interesting I hacked up the lead section, over layered it on itself and generally tried to make it less on beat and repetitive.

Finally, for demonstration purposes I sequenced it out in to simple phrases, and added a little bit of filter here and there. The drums are very boring, they are a whole session in themselves to work on. Also there is no chorus section, breakdown, or vocal. Remember this is part one. And I have only really sequenced it out to give a feel for what it might sound like.

Also I think it could benefit from some more hi end, and a more wobbly bass line. But for now, here you go:

Champion Sound remix Stage 1:




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