Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 358: DJ Scratch Academy

First we had QBerts Scratch University, now we have the Scratch Academy, also endorsed by some of the biggest names in turntablism.

I discovered this via Indaba music, which if you didn't know already is a great music collaboration website, always offering up collaboration invites with big artists, or other such interesting opportunities.

They also have a thriving community, and many interesting sub sections to the web-site. One of which is their A.I.R pages which stands for Artists in Residence. This is where the collaboration between Indaba Music and the Scratch Academy can be found.

So basically the two sites have teamed up to bring you information and tutorials about becoming a scratch DJ essentially for free. Though I imagine the info isn't as deep as you might find directly on the Scratch Academy website, it's pretty good for free, and it is good to see Indaba bringing in top names and features such as this.

Below is a sample video showing you what we can expect to see on the Indaba mini site:




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