Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 354: Guide to the new CDJ 2000 & 900s

So now they are finally in all the shops after all the hype and waiting. Now you just gotta decide which ones you want. Simple as it may initially seem (one is clearly superior to the other right?) it's not actually as straight forward as you might think.

From what I understand the 2000 is obviously the flagship model, yet it does lack a feature that the 900 has, and is considerably more expensive (some £500 or so) meaning you pay for a whole extra 900 when buying two of these.

No problems though, djsounds (from Pioneer themselves) has compiled a video guide series which should go a long way to helping you decide. There are 8 videos in total covering pretty much any question you might still have.

If like me you are wanting to jump into this next generation of CDJ, but want to make sure you are spending your (considerable amount of) money wisely, then these are required viewing.

Check out the full series here...




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