Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 355: Turntablism with Traktor

If there were still some people left that think Digital DJing isn't as much a skill as with Vinyl, it's time for them to watch this and stfu.

If anything this sort of technology totally ads a new dimension, and therefore exponentially difficult skill set. Half the time the skill is in the creative thinking about how to use this new technology. Sure things such as traktor may make the previous DJ skill set a bit easier, like beat matching and juggling. If you only use it to do those things then yes, it's fair to say you aren't earning your stripes so much.

Apply a little thought though and you soon realise this sort of thing is just small fry really, and if anything the lid is yet to be blown off of this technology, meaning much notoriety is still there and up for the taking.

So, the following video really should put an end to the digital Vs turntablist argument. End of story, let's move on.

P.S. the effect achieved in the video is done using just cue points on the track, and not single shot samples (which would be the easy 'prepared' way) meaning with skill this can be performed on the fly.




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