Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 342: Free Samples - Go get 'em

Loops are great fun, and can be life savers at times. Every self respecting producer should have a substantial library that you can dip into now and again when you want an instant creative starting point/new directions/sound etc.

They do cost money though, that much is true. And if like me you are a collector at heart, this can become quite addictive.

Sometimes though there is such a thing as a free lunch, and or samples... The guys at Sample Pack have been generous enough to give away some juicy looking collections.

I've given some a listen, and they haven't skimped on quality that's for sure.

Check them out here.




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  1. There are quite a few samples and demos out there of loops, lines, synths and all sorts guys. But sometimes you get to hear the same kind of sounds from a lot of budding DJs. You might want to check out Dance MIDI Samples who offer both free samples and professional packs and outstanding value, as well as tutorials for all you beginners out there too!


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