Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 344: Zenhiser - Twisted Electro House Basslines

Ok, lots of talk of samples recently. So continuing on with the theme here is a review of Zenhisers new "Twisted Electro House Bassline" pack.

Zenhiser have been in the sample and loops game for some time. They also happen to have some of the best Old Skool loops and stabs I've ever seen, which is an easy way to gain my complete respect.

However, back to those Electro bass lines. First up, lets get straight into it. Below is a quick mini demo I made using just their loops, and some simple beats. This should give you both an idea of the quality and the sounds going on in the pack:

As you can see the quality of the audio is spotless, and the bass lines really pack some punch. Rather than just flat loops made from a dry midi file, it really feels like the audio has been treated as if it were 'track ready'.

For example, in the demo, the first loop sounds like it's been sidechained against a trigger kick drum. You can hear it throbbing slightly in time giving it that shifty groove which makes a track so much more funkeh.

The other key point worth mentioning about this pack is that, while smaller than some other "uber complete xxx" packs, what you do get is quality, and is fairly reflected int he price. At just 5€/£ (about $8) this leaves a remarkably small dent on the pocket. So much so that you have to be careful not to keep adding more and more packs to your cart under the illusion it's no money!

There are larger packs available too for those that do want a comprehensive library quickly, but this pack is and ideal starting place for a number of projects, all for the price of a beer and some crisps (or chips, depending where you are from I guess).

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