Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 345: DJ Hero for the iPhone...? Delicious Vinyl DJ!

Well kinda...

Now that everyone has rinsed out DJ Hero completely, no doubt they will have twitchy fingers. Well fear not as the answer is here, and you can even take it with you. All this providing you are and iPhone/iPod Touch owner.

Delicious Vinyl have managed to cram in all the fun of the "Hero" franchise of games into the tiny confines of the iPhone. We've got real scratches, classic hip hop, and samples. It's all there.

I can actually see myself getting more out of this than some of the 'real' DJ emulation applications. This one just allows you to rock out and get your fix, simple as.

What's more it;s a snip at £1.79, a fraction of the price for DJ Hero on your favorite console. Also i might be wrong... but DJ hero doesn't have Young MC does it.. this game certainly does, so Bust-a-Move!

Head over to the App store on iTunes now and look for "Delicious Vinyl DJ". Video demo Below:




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