Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 340: Our Stage is your stage...

Many new and interesting music sites seem to be bursting into existence right now, and today's offering is no different.

We're back to social networking in a music styleee again. Seemingly as people tire of the monolithic social networks, more specialised ones are emerging. Makes sense in a way to actually want to operate in a network that specifically interests you.

Today's site is by no means small and niche though. This appears to be a new project from AOL, and possibly their attempt at muscling in on more music sales too.

The site is a simple 'set up an account and upload tunes' kinda deal. However they also sell your tracks for you, non exclusively (which I admit I was surprised about!). Also there is an added competitive element introduced via a "Judging" section. Where you are presented with 2 or 4 songs (depending on how you set it) and then have to order them. This is good in one sense, because it goes a long way to eliminate blind voting, people spamming their voting link about etc etc.

The only problem though is that it makes the whole process quite tedious, as you are forced to listen to a certain amount of each track before you can vote on it etc etc. Also, not being harsh, but there is some dross on there too. The winner each month in each category wins a prize, with a much bigger prize for the over all winner.

Hopefully this means the focus is on good music, but let's see how it actually pans out.

Anyways, enough talk, best check out the site your self. All in though it looks like a worthy addition to the online music hosting collection...




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