Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 335: Gigsby - Music Network for better gigs.

Please dear lord, finally might we see something to put the final stake in the heart of MySpace Music.

There have been many exciting specialised networking sites coming through over the last few months, but this one looks top of the pops for us DJ/Producer types.

Not just because of the glitzy sleek and colourful website. Though I do like a tidy looking web-site, instills the confidence (and they have one of them cool viral promo teaser videos (below).

So, the site. It's called Gigsby, and it promises not just MORE gigs, but BETTER gigs. Although not even in Beta yet, I can tell by the design, the promo and the copy that this is going to be something good! These sort of projects always look like the best places to work too.

So I'm on the mailing list, and I'm going to wait patiently for more info. I recommend you do the same, and then follow them on all the usual sites.

Please please please no more myspace/Facebook fansites, let this be the way forward...

Video below, check the site here.




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