Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 337: Let's Mix! New site for DJ mixes.

We blogged about this a while ago, but that was when it was just an idea, now it's a reality. Those awesome DJ friendly peeps at Tonium ( the same people who bought you Pacemaker) have made a site dedicated to DJ mixes.

Their original site was meant to be a place for owners of their device to upload and share mixes, but it soon became popular with the broader DJ community. As the user base grew it became apparent a change of approach was needed, and out of this came "Let's Mix".

With Sound Cloud recently alienating DJs with their new time limit system, this could be welcome news for some people.

I'll certainly be considering it as the new home for my mixes, keeping Sound Cloud free for tracks.

The site launched today, so get stuck right in!




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