Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 292: Free Guide to Music Composition.

Prodding around on Ableton is one thing, mashing the keys on your MIDI controller is another. Once in a while you might fluke on something that sounds ok.

At best you can hope for a mildly catch one finger "duh-duh-de-duhhh" style riff. Wouldn't it be nice to half know what you were doing musically. To know why two notes work, while others don't?

Music theory sounds pretty dull right? Much like anything with the word theory in it. Don't fret, it's not all back to school, mangling green fields on the glockenspiel!

This natty little pdf tries to explain musical composition in a way that doesn't make you want to chew your own fingers off. Originally from www.monadtunes.com and very kind of them to make it too.

So print a copy off, or plonk yer Kindle down by the loo, and prepare yourself for musical genius in no-time.

The Ravenspiral Guide (an informal guide to musical composition) Click to view!




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