Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 291: In the Studio with Jody Wisternoff

Being into dance music in the 90s in Bristol it was pretty much impossible to not know who Jody Wisternoff was. You may simply just know him as "Jody" or DJ Jody... or even as part of Way out West, but either way he was definitely one of the first members of Bristolian post rave royalty.

I even booked him for one of out college parties at Lakota many years ago, a little Bang the DJ factette for you there!

So, Jody, he's been at it for years, knows his onions when it comes to production. Because of that it's great to see him giving some enthusiastic praise about Ableton in this video. Also it's nice to get a glimpse at a real working studio that is responsible for pumping out some chart topping tracks.

Despite years in the game however, can't help but sense a little bit of fidgety nerves in the clip. Audience of a few thousand, no problem, one dude and a camera... different story!




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