Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 247: How to be a successful DJ??

Following on from yesterdays article about comebacks, I thought it would be apt to post a link to a related article... how to make it as a DJ in the first place!

If you are reading this, you are either a loyal friend, or, most likely, interested in a career in DJing at some level. That's very much what this blog is about.

However it seems I'm not the only one trying to share the info and spread the word. The top guys over at djtechtools have started their own mini series on the subject which you will find the first part of here:

Some good points made, some of which we have touched on a couple of times here. Most important is the stress on the amount of work required. If you take anything from that article I recommend that be it!

Stick them in you RSS feed reader and wait for the remaining parts.

Good advice all round.




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