Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 215: Beat the competition

I don't know what's happened recently, but it seems to be competition fever. I've lost count of how many I have entered recently.

This time next month however, if all my numbers come in, I could have won:

DJ set at Creamfields Andalucia
DJ set at Creamfields UK
A pair of CDJ 1000s
A DJ set at ASOS unsigned
Had a remix released on Skint records
A Pacemaker
A DJ pack of Loop DVDs, Ableton 8 and Vestax kit
A remix competition for exposure
A helicopter ride with Sander Van Doorn
A VIP trip to Ibiza
A coveted place at the Red Bull Music academy.

See what I mean, even after all that lot I am sure there are one or two things I missed. I just gotta keep everything crossed. However, if nothing else, then it is at least demonstrative of how I have thrown myself back into the DJ venture, and just goes to show you what opportunity is actually out there when you go look for it.

So, who knows, next month, everything could be completely different!




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