Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 189: How to DJ with a Laptop - Basics.

Even though I have been a techie for some time now, one thing I still sometimes struggle with is mentally working some stuff through. I mean things like data flow, routing etc. I'm definitely a hands on person.

Explain something to me, I'll probably get it conceptually, but still with some tinges of uncertainty. Sit me down with something and let me have a play, in 20 minutes I'll have it doing stuff beyond what it was ever meant to do!

One thing that always tricks me mentally in the audio environment (especially in this digital age) is audio routing. It never causes me problems practically, in fact its a breeze, but if I try imagining how I might route Sound A from Source A to Input B via the mixer my brain starts to flap... just give me the goddam cables alright!

So... this video here is great for explaining those fundamentals of audio routing with a laptop for DJing. It's basic stuff, but well presented and clearly delivered. All stuff you may know already, but, if you are a visual person like me, will just reassure you that you knew what you were on about!

There is a second video too, so be sure to check that out (there is a link at the end of this one).




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