Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 185: 30th Anniversary of the Walkman

I'm not so much a fan of this current trend of 'Listicles', you know, them things that pretend to be articles, but are just a list. Not least the fact that the name sounds like some obscure genital infection.

Aaaaany way, I stumbled upon this one, and enjoyed it with nostalgic affection. It's a piece about the history of the Walkman, which is 30 years old this month. Blimey doesn't time fly.

Who can forget the constant need for batteries, the regular chewing of (always your favorite) tapes, and the cool urban chic of a gurt plastic box strapped to your hip. Plus no track skip or anything like that, even auto reverse was a luxury. Many an hour wasted taking tape out, fast forwarding it, take it out again, play, only to realise it's still not gone back far enough to hear that song again.

For all its failings, it stood the test of time amazingly well, it's place on the portable audio throne unchallenged for decades.

Happy Birthday Walkman (Yes, it's still in production today!).

Find the full article here.




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