Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 186: How to make a House anthem 10 steps...

House music formulaic? Never. Well, ok, maybe a little, but that's only cos all music is formulaic. It's simple maths really. When you have one part of a melody, the second half has to answer it correctly, else it doesn't sound right. If you've ever known how a melody is going to go the first time you hear it, then you know what I am on about.

Besides what's wrong with a little bit of a framework, it's how we move forward isn't it.

So Chart regulars Chocolate Puma recently gave an interview to Beatportal to say what they think are the 10 key ingredients to make a commercially successful house tune. Whether you are interested in making house or not, most of this advice probably applies to all genres, so well worth checking out the article here.




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