Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 169: Dynamite MC the next big thing...

My hometown of Bristol has always been ridiculously consistent at producing great talent, and one area in particluar has been MCs/Vocalists.

I don't know if it's just that we are a gobby bunch, but there was a time for me that if the guy on the mic wasn't from Bristol, I wasn't interested :P

From the old skool ravin days of Ribbz, Jach Horner, and Joe Peng, to Drum & Bass and contemporary pioneers like Jakes and Dynamite, Bristol has always represented hard. Maybe it's a mixture of the cities sound system culture, and oft ignored west country sense of humour and independence.

Recently though I happened across a Jack Beats remix of one of Dynamites tunes, and it reminded me what a great vocal talent he really is. To call him an MC isn't doing him justice. This guy is a full blown Vocalist.

I have many many fond memories of sweaty jam packed clubs rocking out to Roni Size with Dynamites characteristic voice (quite a rarity in DnB circles) booming over the mic. You knew you were in safe hands when he was in control. So I am glad to see that he is developing his talents and releasing records now in his own right.

What I DON'T understand is why he isn't the biggest thing ever. Seriously. The quality of his lyrics are as good as any other RnB/Hip Hop vocalist out thereon the $$$ scene. Britain has always been good at nurturing it's underground vocal talent, a-la Estelle/So Solid etc, so what's going on here!

Maybe if I can dust off some old skool Bristol contacts, or from a bit of pressure on his MySpace we can get a full interview and get the low down.

Oh and those who thought I just skimmed over the equally talented Jakes... don't fret, the same goes for this cheeky legend too, having gone full blown producer this is another talent I would love to see go major.




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