Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 167: Making use of time.

One thing I have been terrible at, almost all my life, is making use of time. Add to that the fact that, you know, some cruel twist of fate means we have to waste over 50% of out waking lives going to work, then yeah personal endeavours barely get a look in.

Well every once in a while chance throws you a bone, and it's up to you to take that bone and er... use it wisely (mental note to use a better metaphor next time).

So, let's just say that my work schedule is looking, er, a whole lot quieter at the moment. Bad times. But bad times can be good times.

A while back after clicking away too much of my time not doing very much of interest, I took a step forward, and gave myself the chance to make a real go of things. Insert 'terrible use of time' here. Let's just say I enjoyed myself a little too much, and didn't get round to a whole bunch of things.

Well, as fate would have it, I've basically been given a second bite of the cherry, this time with a much better footing. Now really is the time when I can get all the projecty things going, whilst still (hopefully) being able to keep the wolf from the door as it were.

Already today I have managed to work through some Ableton tutorials I had been putting off, and made some progress on one of the tunes. Good times, exciting times. And yes, finally I should be able to dedicate some proper time to the BTDJ project, and therefore impart more wisdom to you other prospective DJs.





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