Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 168: Ableton track walkthrough #1

A while back I posted some samples from some new tunes I had started. I thinly promised to go through the making process to see how things develop, and give a kinda raw look into the process. See what bits are kept/canned/developed etc. So here is one such example.

The tune I have been focusing on most recently is currently entitled 'Pre Party' and the snippet I posted a while back sounded like this:

As you can see, just a coupla bars, giving an idea of a tune. Basically I had created the bass sound using an LFO to control the cut off of a bass note (I wont go into the fuller synthesis details here), and a fairly simple kick/high hat 4/4 combo. I also added in a high end string stab at the end of the bar to 'answer' the bass tone.

This next piece of audio is what it has developed into so far. I would say the arrangement is about 40% done, just needs filling out, then detail adding to the 8 bar phrases to make it more interesting. I have added some variations to the bass and string sections to give it more of a 'tune'. I also actually lowered the bass in the mix a bit, to bring out the high end, and in fact I might actually go further with that and make the high end the key part.

The queue for the first hearing was mega.

The drums I have added a few hits in to make it more interesting and off centered some of the sounds to widen out the beat a bit. So far I haven't gone into adding effects and compression as such, and to that end the all over mix is still not that hot, but hopefully you can see that it's starting to begin to sound like more of a structured tune:




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