Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 153: Adacemically Sonic.

I heard of Sonic Academy a while ago, while trawling youtube for tutorial videos. Recently however they decided to do a 50% off promo via twitter. Seeing as I had been wanting to get on it for a while, and it was my birthday and all that, I decided to get on it.

Couple of days later, and bish-bosh, I'm all hooked up on the site with access to all their tutorial videos.

I must say from first look, they seem brilliant. I've only had the chance to dip my toe in, but it's exactly what I was hoping.

Basically they are tutorial videos on music production techniques, but very much focused on dance music, and the latest sounds. Also they are very hands on getting straight to the point and not bogging it down with too much theory (tho enough so that you're not just copying what they do on screen).

I've read books before, and other stuff on line, but synthesis can get pretty dull pretty quickly, so these videos are a god send, and the make a lot of sense straight away. So much so you start over loading with ideas half way through the first video.

Once I have a few of the tutorials under my belt, I'll apply the principles I've learnt to a new track, and see if we can spot the advancement.

In the mean time, if you're wanting to get in to production, it's an excellent starting point, there is a community and support site too for meeting other producers and sharing ideas etc.

Check it out here.




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