Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 155: L-Vis has left the building.

No he bloody hasn't, he's sat there out on the internet polluting every bloody blog post I seem to read right now.

I wish I had this guys publicist. L-vis 1990 this, L-vis 1990 that. The first time I read about him (less than 7 days ago) he'd already invented a new sub-genre of music (Dubblestep). That's good going.

Now he seems to be all over everything. Swine.

However to be fair it's not without reason, good publicist or other wise, sounds like this guy is doing some interesting stuff. Check out this video for his track 'United Groove' (via Mad Decent). Dubby, Ravey, Latin and fidgety all at the same time.

Man makes me jealous...




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