Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 151: A post about something.

After yesterdays post about nothing (seriously, don't even bother reading it) it's nice to have a post about something.

Two things really, first of all a quite interesting interview with the Shapeshifters, who after their mega hit with Lolas theme, shunned the opportunity to go all out commercial with a deal from EMI.

Find the full article here. Quite a surprising read, and refreshing to see such possible commercial artists reinforcing how important the feeling of music is.

Secondly, a wicked awesome related video. This is embedded in the article, so if you're off to read that no need to watch it here, but for those not bothering, here you go. Basically it's the Shapeshifters remix of Orbitals '89 classic Chime. Overlayed with loads of Old Skoolers talking about back in the day, that with the obligatory uber mad rave footage that makes me go all goose bumpy and nostalgic.

With these hard times upon us, I really do hope this makes for some good music, as often seems to be the case.





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