Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 149: How NOT to make a phat bassline

Imagine my joy when I saw a tutorial with the title "How to make a massive synth Bass sound"

Then imagine my disappointment when it turns out to be the worst tutorial ever. To add insult to injury, the final resulting bass line is just pathetic too. It was so bad in fact I decided I had to share it, so comical is it's awfulness.

In short it goes something like "Open this virtual synth you probably don't have, choose a bass sound, eq it a bit to make no noticeable effect, et voila..."

In case you want to read the whole miserable thing, or just skip to the end to see what they laughably think is a 'monster' bass line link is here.

Now I know that's left you feeling pretty sour... so to cheer you up a bit have a ganders at this. It's some rare footage from the first ever DMC championships way back in 1897




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