Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 147: The joy of buying music.

Old timers will remember me posting about this before, but for those Johnny come latlies I'll say it again. Buy more music...

Seriously, do. It's rewarding on many levels.

I'm no puritan, I've downloaded the odd track or two in my time. However I do still buy music, even when I don't need to, and it's not just because I think it's the right thing to do.

Let's get this clear, I am talking about independent music here. Not that you shouldn't buy commercial music either, just that this is more relevant to smaller artists, and, well that's what the blog is about.

The first reason to buy music is because it's cheap, almost silly cheap really. When you take away the retailers cut, the artist can't be left with much anyway.

The second reason is, because it's really easy. I mean, seriously it is... while you're searching Soul Seek or Hypem for the right version, in ok quality of a remix, I've found it, paid for it, and got it on the download at full band width.

Reason 3, if it's not obvious, is because it's the right thing to do. Let's not preach here, we all know the score, but imagine you make or sell something. Isn't the most rewarding thing, money aside, seeing people support what you do? Imagine making some killer tracks, but not selling any. You might well give up mightn't you.

Fourthly, quality. Lots of it. Buy the original and be all smug that you've got the real deal. Not some 128kb promo, or a snippet from a live set. Ok maybe you can't tell the difference on your home hifi, but playing out your audience will thank you.

Last of all... good old fashioned respect. Tunes I've nabbed from blogs,p2p, where-ever are almost seen as, as disposable... tunes I buy are assets. Much more likely to be a tune I love, and more likely to be listened to over and over, played out etc. Hey, crazy idea... but isn't that how it should be.

Discover on the internet, but always pay for something you love, it really is that simple.




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