Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 86: CD Business

Today I finally got round to getting the CDs sorted. Whilst I bought some earlier this month, I decided that rather than just make do with plain old CDRs in sleeves, I would go that little bit further and get them properly printed up with my custom design (on the disk itself) for the pro look.

I had been looking at a few places, but they all worked out being way too expensive for small runs, plus you needed to record the CDs with them too, and it all became a bit too much.

CD goings on.

The place I found however seems just right. They'll print em up for me as blanks, which is great, cos it means I can add different mixes to them as I go along, rather than have to do 50 of one mix. That way they might be quite old by the time I get them out, this way I can keep em fresh.

I have a stack of Jiffy bags, and some addresses ready to go, so hopefully when they are done next week, I can start in earnest on the direct promo side of things.

I will do some CDRs up too, keep a few in my bag etc for those 'you never know' moments, or for dropping about in town.

I'll up a photo once they are done to show what they look like.




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