Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 85: Whatever happened to Breaks?

On the metro coming back from home I was in a rare situation where I didn't have any new/unlistened to music on my iPod, so, seeing as I insist on carrying around 50Gb of music with me, I decided to delve in to the archives.

I opted for a cheeky little mix by Freq Nasty, and this got me thinking... whatever happened to Breaks?

For a few years, not very long ago, Breaks probably occupied 90% plus of my musical horizon. Now I barely see mention of it. I mean this could just be because I'm not looking.

So I googled Freq Nasty, up comes his myspace, couple of gigs in Hawaii, but not as crammed as you might expect for a DJ of his calibre. I also found his official homepage, not updated since 2007 :(

Ok, so Aquasky... these guys were all over the scene last time I checked in... hmmm their home page seems to have a media player, with the latest podcast. Sadly, just sits there not playing anything.

It's like everyone got off the Breaks bus all at the same time.

Beer, the perfect side to any order of Breaks.

Ok, so I checked Beatport, and Aquasky did a remix that came out last November, and Freq Nasty even has something going on this Year, DUB STEP! Maybe that's what happened. Dub Step rumbled round the corner and stole every one's ideas...

So from here on, I am pledging a full on Breaks come back. And to kick it off, the March Minimix will be Breaks-tastic.

It really does feel like everyone started sleeping with Dub Step behind Breaks' back... so Breaks shuffled off in a huff all 16-beaty, and unloved.

Come back Breaks... please forgive us!




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