Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 82: Overly Social.

Today is a predictable rant about social networks. It probably wont be anything you haven't heard about them already... or maybe it will who knows.

I'm neither a lover nor a hater, but the experiences a friend of mine seems to be having with them, and the growing number of sites I have registered with inspired me to have a mild rant.

The friend in question is constantly registering and un registering himself, in some weird yet exciting cycle of unconvincedness (if that be a word) can I, or can't I be bothered, am I, or am I not missing the party. etc.

I however am having the opposite problem. Since launching Bang the DJ I have joined: myspace, imeem,youtube,qik,soundcloud, updated my twitter, dj download,mixupload and obviously registered here.

All in the name of getting social.

i.e. whoring for promotion. The problem is they all have their own nuances, way of doing things, and minimum level of effort required to derive any value out of them. Oh I forgot, I also happen to work for a social network too!

Last night I registered with imeem. I didn't really want to, but I read somewhere it was a good place to expose/listen to music. So laboriously off I went, same old process, same picture uploaded, same questions asked (same hilariously wacky answers).

Two years ago this would have been super exciting, and I'd have been burrowing deep in to the inner workings of the site to maximise how exciting it was. Now I just upload a pic, a tune and leave it... like a stepchild, under the stairs.

Myspace was the first one I joined, it was also the first one I ditched. It's now probably one of the ones I use the most once again.

It's not overly complicated, it's got loads of users, and music/artists. And weirdly I like all the manic gif's and over populated slide shows etc. It's part of myspace now, all that - giving it a really strong identity. Unlike say Vox... I don't know if I can handle any more tho, please can we agree, thats it... no more.

oh actually one more... I've just discovered that as I have an AIM account, I already have a bebo account without realising!

Already there is a shade for every taste myspace into imeem into facebook, the difference is so gradual as to be unnoticeable.

No more captchas no more applications, personality tests, friend requests from indian freelancers. Please.

That said, don't forget to add me...




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