Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 67: Don't touch my mimi.

OK, I love the Japanese, they are generally nuts, and invent awesome things. Plus their evil sense of warped humour is just ace (see any Japanese reality TV for more info).

So when I see things like the Mimi being invented, it makes me warm and fuzzy, knowing my Asian bredrins are keeping up the good work.

The Mimi Switch it seems is some weird pair of headphones, that have infrared sensors in them. These sensors can detect tiny movements in the ear caused by facial expressions etc. Think 'Wii-mote' on a tiny scale.

They claim that you can control your iPod (or really anything) simply by opening your eyes wider, or sticking your tongue out.

Anyone else thinking what's the deal with the tongue..?

I would love to see these in action with a Pacemaker, people on the tube will think you're nuts. No problems getting a seat though I guess.




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