Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 70: And a log...

Now I am a sound synthesis expert (all of 12 pages in...) I have been fiddling round with some virtual synths a bit more.

Before hand I thought the idea was to get as many cool VST synths as possible to allow for as much a choice of sounds as possible. However I have already learnt that actually all you need is one good synth (in the main).

For example, Ableton has a built in synth called 'Analog'. I remember trying it, getting bored fairly quickly, and forgetting about it.

It wasn't very interesting to look at, and no 'cool presets'. However, now I understand the error of my ways. My friend Luke told me that apparently people rave about it, I had no idea why. Until now.

I revisited Analog after some reading about the basics of synthesis. All the other VSTs I had seemed to be lacking one or two key things, in lieu of lots of fancy filters etc. Analog however is yer straight up, meat and potatoes Analog emulator. It has everything you need to create technically almost any sound.

I can feel my beard growing as we speak.

So anyway, today's lesson is... looks can be deceiving.

I almost can't wait to get back home to tweak it out some more...




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