Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 364: This is the end...

Well almost. One day left of the 'daily' blog. So, what are you all going to do once I deny you your daily fix of Bang the DJ?

Fear not, this isn't the end, it is merely the beginning. Over the last year we have constantly bought you updates, information guides, tutorials and more from he world of DJing and music production.

So I thought it would make sense to take it to the next level. To accomplish that we have some big plans in the pipeline. We move over from the blog format, and over into the more substantial, supersized fully fledged web-site/portal/on-line magazine style format.

Expect a lot more home grown multi media in the form of tutorial videos and video interviews with DJs and producers, also expect more quality in depth editorial, reviews of equipment competitions and much much more.

I am quite excited about the whole thing, and can't wait to get it up and out there. We are still developing the site as we speak so expect it to launch some time in February. I'll pass on more info here as and when I have it.

Although this will mean the end of the daily blog updates, the blog will still continue to run in a much more relaxed and personal manner serving more as a web log of my own personal DJ/Producer adventures.

I'll provide a full wrap up of everything tomorrow, but just thought I'd get the word out now, before tomorrows no doubt over long, rambling and tear jerking final post.





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