Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 361: DJ Resolutions.

Now that pesky Christmas is out the way, naturally our eyes turn to New Years, and with that comes new beginnings. and of course, resolutions.

Here are some of mine that I think many DJs might share, I would love to hear any others you might have.

1. Learn to Scratch

2. Learn to Scratch better

3. Master beat juggling for the hell of it

4. Start a small net label

5. Follow up on all the Dj related stuff that I promised I would do this year but never did for various reasons.

6. Learn to beat mix backwards.

7. Make lots of VIP edits of tunes, and baffle the trainspotters

8. Get a tune played out on national radio

9. Rediscover the joy of plain old LOUD DJing (sorry neighbours)

10. Blog less!

Ok, there you go, those are mine, let's see how I fair this time around.

She has a point...




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