Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 351: DJ Master Course - Review

So far this week we've had DJ courses in Book format, DVD, and Online Video. Today's course is a bit of a combination, coming in the form of online videos with an accompanying e-book.

The course is DJ Master Course.

Created by Australian DJ Benny Drohan, DJ Master course is very well produced. The videos look slick, and the e-book has a very professional feel. This isn't just some quick rushed up cash money idea. There has obviously been some time spent in putting this together, and making it look the part.

Here is a breakdown of some of the topics covered (taken from the web-site):

  • Incredible and Professional Custom Created HD Video Demonstrations Making the Knowledge Come to Life!
  • A Multitude of Audio Samples to Help you Hear and Understand the Exercises in the Course.
  • A Work Book Complete with Real Time Exercises and Incredible Diagrams
  • Learn How to Set Up Your Equipment Properly and Effectively Including Incredible Diagrams Making it Easy to Understand
  • You Will learn How to Start Separating the Sounds
  • Learn How To Cue Your Music using Vinyl or CD
  • Learn How To Keep Your Tunes In Time Without Using Your Head Phones.
  • Learn How To Beat Match – This is ESSENTIAL, It’s the Number 1 fundamental Skill of ALL DJ’s
  • Learn How To EQ and Master Your Mixes So That You Get Them Sounding Professional Every Single Time
  • Learn How To Mix Your Music at Exactly the Correct Point Effortlessly Every Single Time
  • You Will Learn How to Create and Record a Perfect Seamless Demo that People Can’t Stop Themselves Listening to and Raving About
  • A Glossary of DJ terms so Nothing You Come Across Seems Foreign to You in the Course or the DJ World.
  • Cross Fading, Up Fading, Harmonic Mixing, it’s All Included!
That's some good ground covered right there. Having worked through the videos, if you watch them alone, they are themselves enough to learn how to DJ pretty well. Though this would assume some familiarity already with the basic concepts of DJing and the equipment. The book comes in to fill in any gaps, and cater for those completely new to DJing.

The course also has a supporting blog updated regularly with tips and advice from pro DJs and more. Although this course may weigh in as the most expensive we've featured at $97 (£60/€67) it also offers an amazing affiliate scheme to earn money from recommendations, and a no quibble money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with the course, tho we feel this is quite unlikely.

Promo video below, and free lessons available on the web-site.

Over all this is a quality resource that gets you excited about DJing as you progress. Many times I got distracted for a few hours mixing after reading an idea of concept in the course. The enthusiasm for the art pours through in this course, and in many ways this is half the battle won in DJing, drumming up that passion. A well thought out program.




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