Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 349: DJ's Complete Guide - DVD Review

Yesterday we reviewed the excellent DJing for Dummies. Today we move from the printed word to the small screen.

Today's review is of the DVD "DJ's Complete Guide". The title kinda says it all right there.

The change of media format brings with it a change of style. Books enable a large amount of information that is easily referenced, but Video boasts the ability to actually show you what to do, and this for some people is an important thing.

This DVD is presented by some chirpy blond lady, who takes the roll of presenter/interviewer/student whilst most of the DJ advice is dispensed by Miles Batty, a working DJ in London.

The structure of the DVD is fairly straight forward taking you through the basics, setting up equipment etc. Then a new topic is introduced as the presenter/student 'progresses'.

All the important topics are covered, equipment, beat matching etc and the delivery style is easy to understand.

The over all production quality is basic, but functional and the 90 minutes running time is enough to give you the information you need with out dragging it out.

Whilst this is most definitely aimed at the novice/beginner DJ there are still some nuggets of information within that could prove useful to intermediate. As is the nature of DJing, everyone does it differently, so there is always something to be learned.

Over all a good gift for the novice, or someone who hasn't yet taken up DJing, but wants to get a first look in, without committing the considerable hours required of a book.

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