Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 299: Serato and Ableton Collaborate, digital DJs make a small wee

Ok, so this isn't hot off the press, freshly baked news... but it IS exciting, and it IS worth writing about.

Two big players in the digital DJ and performance world, Namely Ableton and Serato, are to join forces on what can only be described as the collaboration of the year.

Whilst there isn't a whole bunch of gritty details as such on the official press release, what you can certainly count on is that future versions of Ableton will have water tight integration with Serato's DVS/Vinyl emulation Hardware.

This project would see the gap between DAW style (staring into a laptop) DJ'ing finally take on the hands-on dynacism that a DVS provides. This effectively blows the lid off of the creative possibilities.

Serato's proven digital vinyl, controlling Abletons DJ-and-remix-on-the-fly production software does open up some fairly mind bending possibilities.

I can't wait to see or hear more about this. Also, I wonder what Traktor have to say about this. I knew about Traktor long before Serato, but in recent years, Serato certainly seem to be getting the creative edge.

This is all good for you and me, the end user, of course. I have plenty of faith that Native Instruments are pulling their socks up as we speak and wont let their excellent unblemished track record be affected.

Read the original press release here.




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