Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 298: Beat Maker the best music iPhone app?

We've mentioned the ever growing number of music and DJ related apps for the iPhone a number of times before, but I think this one is the first time I have actually thought, "crumbs, that looks good".

Taking the form of what looks like a simple, but effective clip launcher (like a software MPC) this isn't necessarily going to help you construct music on the move. Much more of a 'performance' tool, almost like a mini Ableton live.

What I liked about it was that the interface looked well done, previously an area lacking in other apps, also that there seemed to be scope for effects units (in a Reason kinda style) implying this app might scale up, or at least become more sophisticated in later releases.

Made by Intua there are some demo videos on their web-site, and a choice one below from You tube.

I really can see this being a great tool however for playing with ideas on the move.




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