Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 260: CDJ2000 features and video.

Yup, here it is... even though Pioneer have been hyping the release of this up manically (thus risking a major let down on the actual reveal...) I must admit, I am still frothing at the mouth after having actually seen it.

All the usual additions are there, but they have actually made it all work very well together. Also, what I like is that it is making DJing harder again. Yeah I know that sounds weird, but with all these clever features now you have to actually do something interesting to use them. Blending from one to the other isn't enough now!

This is definitely going to push the creative envelope!

Also nice to see that they have made for easy integration with Traktor/Serato/Ableton etc, AND Pacemaker, that's pretty sweet (I'm wearing my recently won pacemaker headphones as we speak :P)

So below is a short video outlining the main developments, be sure for much more to come. I am still interested to know the price point on release.

One other thing that almost went unnoticed was the release of another player, the CDJ900... touted as the replacement for the 800, the 900 looks remarkably like the 1000, and seems to boast as many, if not more features. This could well be the ideal solution for bedroomers, providing an impressive feature set, but at a lower price one would assume to the 2000. I'll be looking into this shortly and updating here once I know something.




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