Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 256: Kanye West thinks we care (VMA outburst).


You are an asshole. Let's get one thing straight, the VMA's along with any other self celebrating award ceremony isn't really all that important. A nice night out maybe, and who doesn't like to receive awards?

So why take it so seriously? We know the music industry at that level is run by manipulative men in suits... so why get so upset that your friend Beyonce didn't get the award?

"Best video of all time" you chirped, maybe you should watch it again, cos, seems to me that it's just a black and white video with three ladies running around in it. Not really all that special is it?
Worst of all, you ruined someones moment. I've never heard of Taylor Swift, but she seemed nice, pleasant, and humble. You could learn a lot from the poor girl who's moment you crushed.

Anyway, yeah, I am giving this more column inches than it deserves, but there is nothing worse than a silly ceremony, than someone taking it, and themselves all too seriously.





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