Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 253: Advanced Ableton tutorials

I found this video recently, and it goes over something I actually discovered myself the other day, unlinked envelopes.

So what's one of them then, and why do I want to use one? Well, good question. In my case I had a short vocal loop, and I wanted to pitch it right up to an unrecognisable squiggle, then have it pitch down over time, finally reaching it's normal pitch, and to carry on as normal from then on.

This is where it got complicated, because the pitch envelop is linked tot he loop, so when the loop restarts, so does the envelope, pushing the pitch all the way back up again. Enter 'unlinking'. A feature unique to Ableton is the ability to separate the timeline of the envelope to that of the loop. In short this means you can have an envelope that is autonomous to the loop it is effecting, meaning you can have it affect the loop differently over the length of the track, much like regular automation.

Below is the track I used it on, the envelope starts at 0.45, and finishes at 1.00 on the vocal, which then carries on unaffected:

Make me Dance by Bang the DJ

Now we know what it's all about, enjoy thew following video which goes into detail about that, and other interesting techniques.

Embedding is disabled so go check it directly here:




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