Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 251: Win Win Win!

Ok, another quick vanity post today I am afraid.

A while back I posted about a number of competitions I happened to have entered. More recently, in one of my most epic posts ever, I basically mentioned that I actually won one of them (one of the better ones too) well, it turns out my lack hasn't quite finished.

I also entered a competition to win a Pacemaker, the results came out the other day, and, alas I wasn't the winner, despite making the final round. Well... they sent out a newsletter today and mentioned the competition, and that the runners up won some Pacemaker headphones (worth £50!).

My mix is the one entitles "One Summer Night"

Wha... wait up. Runners up? I forgot about that... so I clicked the link, and I only went and bloody came second! Well, they don't strictly say second place, but it is my mix in 1st in the list, and my name mentioned first, that'll do for me :)

So I missed it by a whisker... but hey that's cool, really pleased to have placed, especially again as there was such a high number of entrants.

Whats that... yes I should get some bangs for that shouldn't I.. I scored winning the other competition at a 10, as it was a fairly big comp, and I won the lot. This too was a fairly big comp, but obv I came in only with a silver... so, I'm rating that as a 5.

Here's to the next competition (which I have found already!).

Also a big up to Andy Roo who was the over all winner, nice one!

P.S. Note the last mixes thumbnail... the same lazers fromt his very blog... hmmmmm.




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