Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 237: Practice makes perfect

Even though DJing occupies my mind at least once (but probably many more times) a day, some weeks I barely spend any actual time doing it. I don't really know why this is. My decks are comfortably reachable from the very keyboard that I am typing this (where I seem to spend a lot of my time).

However, every now and again something comes along that suddenly makes you determined to practise. An upcoming gig perhaps? Maybe some special event? maybe some new challenge you've not encountered before (all of these are big hints to something I will hopefully report on next week).

So yes, that big event of yours is just around the corner. All of a sudden you are head down and practising like mad. First of all it is frustrating, but hey what's this? Within just a short amount of time, suddenly things are getting better, tighter mixes, you are on fire...

Yes, it really does seem that practise makes perfect. If only I practised like this every day then I am sure the improvements weekly would be very tangible.

There is a lesson in there somewhere, sadly one that is all too easy to ignore.

Stick with it, it really does make a difference!




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