Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 236: Gotta Get Through - Bang the DJ remix

So I've actually been a fairly busy beaver on the old remixing front these days. This is the second one I have finished in the last week or so, and there is a third just waiting a mix down. Plus two more in the pipeline!!

Annnnyways. This one is for Born to Dance records who are holding a competition. Basically this is my entry. It's a lot more classically Electro House than I might normally make. Most of the parts are original in some way, with a few small original elements kept for feeling.

The lead Electro stab and bass sounds I created by manually keying in the midi till I got the tune right (as I only had the audio files) once I had basically converted it to midi, it meant I could really change the feel whilst keeping the tune. Quite pleased with how that came out.

Anyway, here it is, hope you like it:

Gotta Get through(Bang the DJ Remix) by Bang the DJ




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